Policies and Guidelines

  • Please place your container out the night before your service or no later than 7 AM the day of service.
  • Please place your container with the wheels against the curb and lid facing street, keeping the container away from mailboxes, cars, etc. If you have multiple containers, please keep them 2 feet apart.
  • Please bag everything you can to help prevent litter from escaping the trucks during transport and to keep your container and our equipment cleaner. Items such as (paper, tissue, grocery bags, packaging peanuts) are very light and tend to fly away with this slightest of wind. Help us keep your community clean.
    Back door stops: All trash must be bagged and accessible. If there are any special instructions please notify us.
  • Please NO rock, stone, brick, tree stumps or metal allowed in containers. Simply these items are not meant to be compacted and will damage our equipment leaving us with repairs and downtime that could be catastrophic to business.
  • Please NO branches, leaves, or grass clippings allowed in containers. In order to keep your rates as low as possible we must keep our weights as low as possible. We do offer yard waste removal for an extra fee but please call ahead of time to schedule pick up.
  • Please NO dead animals, tires, paint, oil, cooking grease. These are not acceptable at the landfill and subjects the hauler to fines.


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